About Us

Our team was formed to follow our conscience and dedicate ourselves to a strong mission – reducing textile waste and disrupting the single-use packaging industry with unique reusable products.

We are devoted to researching post-consumer textile waste, recycling techniques, and mixing with blended fibers to create novel, reusable products.

The combination of textile waste and deforestation creates a complex environmental challenge, and addressing these issues requires a comprehensive approach that includes recycling and upcycling textile waste, promoting sustainable fashion practices, and implementing responsible forestry practices to conserve and restore forests.

The world produces 92 million tons of textile waste annually.

This amounts to the destruction of around 4.1 million hectares of forest each year in the name of our paper obsession.

Our Mission

Make packaging truly circular.

Our commitment to sustainable packaging also meets customer requirements.

Reusable e-commerce packaging made of recycled textile waste. It is a premium alternative to a cardboard with luxurious texture. Choose Eco-Remballer for packaging that not only cares for your products but also cares for the planet. Together, let’s wrap the world in green!

Eco-Remballer has invented a unique packaging material made from mixed textiles of organic and synthetic materials. The packaging material resembles cardboard, hence is rigid and durable with a distinctive texture and luxurious hand feel.